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    1. Treat everyone with respect

    This platform was created by UK Debt Relief to be a safe and friendly environment for you to voice your problems and opinions. We are all here to learn and help each other.

    In this spirit, anyone who is personally attacking others, using hateful, racist or homophobic language, or posting objectionable content will be banned without warning.

    2. Keep your information safe

    Do not give out any personal details such as phone numbers, emails or home addresses. This is for your own safety. Posts containing personal details or details that could be used to clearly identify others will be deleted.

    3. Promotion

    Don’t promote yourself or any services that are not owned by UK Debt Relief. This includes linking to other services. We will allow you to point others to offsite resources and services if they are helpful and relevant to others, or in answer to specific questions. However, any posts that a purely promotional and add no value to the forum will be deleted without warning.

    4. Cookies

    Cookies must be enabled to participate as a user in these forums. To learn more about how we use cookies to improve your user experience, please read our Privacy Policy.

    5. Forum Content and Debt Advice

    UK Debt Relief is not responsible for any content posted by users or the professional debt advisors within this forum. User generated advice should be acted on using your own discretion, and we take no responsibility nor can vouch for the quality of any of the user-generated advice on this forum.

    UK Debt Relief is not a regulated debt advisor, and we will never attempt to give you advice. That's why we work with our trusted and FCA-regulated partner, ClearDebt, who are fully qualified to answer any questions you may have.

    This site may contain links to websites outside of the domain. We have no control over this content and cannot take responsibility for it. We will remove links to objectionable content if discovered.

    Violation of these rules could lead to deletion of content or permanent suspension from the forum.
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