Do I lose my car if i choose trust deed

Discussion in 'Trust Deeds' started by helenamy, May 10, 2016.

  1. helenamy

    helenamy New Member

    I'm worried that I'll have to give up my car to repay in trust deeds..
  2. superwoman

    superwoman New Member

    Not necessarily, you just need to find a reliable way to repay.
  3. grahamD

    grahamD New Member

    I had to remortgage because of trust deeds
  4. annieboop5

    annieboop5 New Member

    Really depends on your repayment plan - but your car may be taken into account as part of your assets so in some cases you may have to sell it.

    Talk to your provider as you should be able to find that out going in.

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